For sensitive and hyper-reactive skins susceptivle to allergies and inflammations. For acne

Mariah's Face pink mask • Destroys centers of infection.
• Protects from allergic and inflammatory reactions.
• Stablises the skin status.
• Restores the sense of comfort.
• Pimples disappear as well as reddening and the sense of discomfort.
• Reactions of hyper-sensitivity decrease.
• The tan is made even.
• The skin has a satin softness.
At active inflammatory and allergic process and acne the mask is used daily for 7-14 days and after that two or three times a week.
Pour the powder from the packet in the tub. Stir with one teaspoon of cool water until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Paste the mixture evenly over the acne areas, the inflammations or allergy and the surrounding skin of the face, forehead, neck, back and arms. Leave the mask to act for 30-35 minutes until a film is formed. Remove it by dry rubbing. If you wish you may wash your face with cool water.

No contraindications and side effects.

It can be used for all type of all allergies, including milk allergy because of its low-lactous contents. It is advisable not to wash the face after removing the mask for several hours as Lactobacillcus Bulgaricus continues its action. The simultaneous taking of 3-6 capsules daily of Lactoflor probiotics intensifies the effect of the mask.